Spinach soufflé

This soufflé works for breakfast, lunch and dinner!  It is simple to make and full of nutrition.  

The major ingredient is spinach.  

Spinach is a superfood. It is loaded with tons of nutrients in a low-calorie package. Dark, leafy greens like spinach are important for skin, hair, and bone health. They also provide protein, iron, vitamins, and minerals. 

The possible health benefits of consuming spinach include improving blood glucose control in people with diabetes, lowering the risk of cancer, and improving bone health, as well as supplying minerals and vitamins that can provide a range of different 

Most of the calories in spinach come from protein and carbohydrates.   A lack of iron in the diet can affect how efficiently the body uses energy. ...  
Calcium. Magnesium. ...  Diabetes management. ...  Cancer prevention. ...  Asthma prevention. ...  Lowering blood pressure. ...  Bone health. 

Spinach has been used by various cultures throughout history, notably in Mediterranean, Middle-Eastern, and South-East-Asian cuisines. It can be incorporated quite easily into any diet, as it is cheap and easy to prepare.


2 eggs 

1/2 Cup mozarella cheese 

1/2 Cup parmesan cheese 

8 oz ricotta cheese 

20 oz fresh organic spinach (2 packages of Trader Joes spinach) 

1 tsp minced garlic 

3 tsp olive oil 

Heat oven at 375 degrees. 

Saute fresh spinach in olive oil and the minced garlic.  Saute until just wilted, then season with salt and pepper. 
Strain liquid.  Cut into small pieces and set aside. 
In a bowl add eggs, mozzarella, parmesan, and ricotta